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The Lake Of Dead Languages [Video Description]


It is strongly adviced to read the description before watching the video.


This video is based on a novel from Carol Goodman called The Lake Of Dead Languages. I think the book is absolutely stunning, I recommend it to you all. It was a real inspiration for me, so I decided to make a video with it. This, however, has turned out to be a disaster, but I'm still uploading it so that I can announce who made the best guess in the Mystery Box Game. Please don't blame me for uploading a bad video. I promise to have something good up again soon.

So, the people who won the Mystery Box Game are StarryPaopu and PrismaticDragonfly. A lot of you were very close to the right answer, but I chose the ones who gave more precise answers. Both of you can request a BG.None of you guessed exactly what was in it (that would've been impossible ><), so watch the video, read the story below to find out. The story is just a short summary of the video, and not entirely true to the novel, so I suggest you read the book.


Jane Hudson is a girl that comes from a poor family, but incredibly enough, wins a scholarschip to go to the Heart Lake School, together with her best friend Lucy. Lucy's brother, and Jane's other best friend, Matt, goes to another school, since Heart Lake is for girls only, to the dissapointment of both girls.

Lucy and Jane very quickly become friends with their new roommate Deidre, who is every so slightly different from them. Soon they become inseparable, but Jan'es mother has always warned Jane that '3 is too much'. She is right. Their usual visits with the four of them, Jane, Lucy, Matt and Deidre, to the lake become visits with Lucy, Deidre, Matt, and Matt's friend. Jane hates the way things go, especially since she is madly in love with Matt, but she can't change the situation.

When all the students go home for Christmas break, Lucy and Deidre stay in the school. Jane, who's mother dies of cancer is forced to return to Heart Lake earlier too. When she walks in and sees blankets covered in blood, she gets worried. Lucy informs her that Deidre was pregnant. That the child had been born dead.
After showing Jane the box in which the dead baby is hidden, they decide to get rid of the thing. They let it sink in the lake, promising each other not to tell anyone.

A short time later Jane overhears Lucy and Deidre have an argument. Deidre storms out of the room screaming that she is going tell everything. After seeing how distraught Lucy is about this, Jane suggests to go after Deidre and stop her. They find on one of three rocks in the lake. When Jane runs towards Deidre she trips, falling forward. It seems as if she's going to fall in the water, but instead it is Deidre who sinks into the deep.
'Shetripped. She's dead,' Lucy claims, but Jane can't believe it, she wants to help her roommate. Lucy wittholds her from doing so, telling her that it can't be helped. And so they let Deidre in the lake, claiming to everyone that she commited suicide.

When Lucy writes Matt a letter and asks him to meet her at the lake, because she has something important to tell him, Jane decides to go aswell.
'I will go to the lake to see him. I will tell him everything.'

Jane meets Matt in the evening, and with Lucy not being there she tells him about the baby, about Deidre that fell, and that Lucy had been acting weird lately. Matt seems extremely worried all of the sudden. Then Lucy arrives.
'From who is the baby?' he asks Jane. And while she wants to answer that she doesn't know, she is interrupted by Lucy.
'Shut your mouth Jane.'

A sudden splash in the water makes Jane and Matt both look up, and they watch in distraught how Lucy falls into the water. Matt immediately dives into the water, but when he gets up with Lucy in his arms, she is already dead. Without saying another word he lets himself be consumed by the water, not wanting to live any longer. Their bodies sink in the deep water, and Jane isn't able to do a thing because of shock.

She goes back to the school, and cries her heart out there. Not knowing why everything went so wrong.

Years later the box with the dead baby is found, and a DNA test is done. It's parents were Matt and Lucy. The night Lucy wanted to speak to Matt, she wanted to tell him that they were not really family, that their sex hadn't been wrong at all, because she had a different mother. But she didn't get the chance.


Young Jane: Kairi
Young Kucy: Olette
Young Matt: Roxas
Jane: Tifa
Lucy: Aerith
Matt: Cloud
Deidre: Yuna



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