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Chewing-gum chewers versus cargo
Hello, Katie here! It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but if anything it’s because I’ve been oh so busy with other things (read: stuffing myself with food, lazing around on the bed and watching as many TV shows as possible). However, there is one thing in particular that happened somewhere in August that I would like to discuss in this entry. We have these excursions for school, supposedly fun but usually very, very dull that need to help us broaden our spiderweb of knowledge. Sounds kind of creepy, right? I usually don’t make much of the excursions and spend most of the day trying not to snap anybody’s head of, but this excursion was.. different. Let me elaborate on that completely Katie-like, weird phrase.

We visited the port of Rotterdam, with a bus chauffeur to drive us around the place and a tour guide to explain this and that. For my – not that I can be blamed – low expecations, the tour was surprisingly interesting. Except that it took 3 hours. 3 hours filled with useful information that I could not concentrate on because I was once again busy trying not to kill my classmates off. I know, you all think I’m a psychopath, but that’s beside the point. Not far from where I was seated, someone was chewing his gum with the most disgusting sounds I’ve ever heard. Somewhere on my right, some girl was giggling without end to every single word her crush was saying. As if that’s going to make him like you, please get a grip. I’m not normally a grumpy person, I swear. It’s just that some people (read: more than half of the world population) make my blood crawl. Luckily for me there are always people around to keep my spirits relatively high. God bless them, because if they weren’t there things would have turned ugly. I’m not even kidding.

So with the conclusion of my rant about annoying chewing-gum chewers and giggling girls in their puberty, I’ve come to things I REALLY wanted to say. Our tour guide deserves a price, because seriously, could that man talk. He told us about the history of port (it origins from the 14th century, so it’s practically ancient yet very modern), general facts (did you know that it is the largest port in whole Europe? Holland might be small, but at least we do things grant) and anything else he thought was relevant. You want prove that I really learned something from the tour? Okay then, here come some facts that might interest you : The port is about 10.500 ha and stretches out over 40 kilometers. Most cargo is handled not by people, but by machines and robots. Very futuristic, right? The cranes and chariots are unmanned, and containers identified with infra-red. If that isn’t cool, then I don’t know what is. Furthermore, they have their own port railway line, newly equipped a few years back with a new protection system. To conclude, the tour guide could tell us a lot and it really helped that he was enthusiastic about it. Had it not be him, but a boring speaker then the whole trip and its purpose would have been ruined. Praise for him!

I think this is the perfect prove that I’ve, in fact, been truly busy. Okay, so I spent hours and hours doing absolutely nothing, does a three-hour lasting tour around the port not make up for that..? I think I need to start jogging again or I might need to roll everywhere in the future.
Katie out!

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