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Perfidious (Destined Bonds Studios
Life in the heavens was everything apart from interesting, and for that matter it lacked everything Noctis wanted. He was a god, with his responsibilities and duties here, but it should also be noted that he was extremely restless, and best known among the other gods because he was perfidious. His restless soul needed something else, something that none of the female gods could possibly give him, and it would not be the first time that he seeked it somewhere else. He was very well aware of the consequences that came along with his actions, but they had never effected him, so he couldn’t care less.

And so, after having played a good, bored god for some years now, Noctis craved for something else. Upon realizing this, the god went to earth in the form of a human being. He didn’t hesitate for even a second.
Upon his arrival he met Tifa, a young woman who was extremely bored with the life she was living. They immediately bonded, and Noctis, who didn’t care a thing about the consequences his actions would have, decided to make Tifa his own. They had sex that night. Noctis suddenly realized that he could have easily impregnated her, so fled, frightened of what would happen if the possibility of her actually baring his child would be true. Even though Tifa tried to stop him, he left, leaving her behind with a feeling of disappointment and sadness.

For a while everything seemed to be like it had been before. The other gods had not found out about Noctis’ trip to the human world and the actions he had committed.

Tifa had returned to her daily routine of work too, that was, until she realized that she was pregnant. The thought that she would have a child together with Noctis, who hadn’t left her mind ever since scared her, but at the same time it made her cherish the growing baby even more.

After a few years, Tifa and her young son Denzel are happily living their life, even if it is without Noctis. Noctis is aware of his son, but doesn’t visit him because he is afraid the other gods might find out. Though he tries desperately to hide it from Edea, Cosmos, Minerva and Sephiroth, they eventually find out. And then all hell breaks loose.
In the heavens they have a fierce discussion about what they should do with the situation. Half-gods are strictly forbidden, and since that is exactly what Denzel is, they agree to kill the young boy and his mother. This way they would punish Noctis, and get rid of them at the same time to prevent further troubles. Noctis tries his best to persuade them not to kill his newly found family, even going as far as drawing his sword, but the other gods cannot be convinced. Sephiroth is send to earth to fix the problems, and at the same time Edea is there to stop Noctis from getting to his family to protect them.

On earth, Tifa and Denzel notice something is terribly wrong when it suddenly starts storming. Upon the arrival of Sephiroth, Tifa immediately understands that he is here to hurt Denzel. In order to protect him she fights with Sephiroth. However, his godly powers outmatch her and he summons Bahamut, who kills Tifa. Denzel runs for it after hearing his mother’s last words “Get out of here”. Even if it feels like betraying her by running, Denzel escapes from Sephiroth, and the gods are unable to find him after that.

10 years later Denzel is a grown-up man. He has finally managed to fully control his godly gift, the ability to fly because of his wings. Now, after carrying his detest for the gods for years, he is finally able to visit the heavens to take revenge on his mother’s death. When he gets there, however, it is not only Sephiroth whom he sees. Cosmos, Edea, Minerva and Noctis, his father, are there too. Even though he can easily be outnumbered, Genesis draws his sword and gets ready to fight..



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